Shredder with better material utilisation

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 In 2 and 3 shafts shredder,  the blade is used to shear the waste like aluminium cans. The edge quality is very important and  you need good toughness in order to not crack when shearing gravel,  scrap metals,  nails, bolts and  so on.

 The blade thickness  is decided by the crushed material size. Usually, they use 30, 50, 60mm plate thickness

Hardox® 550 blade with good toughness, not easy to crack compared with heat treated  tool steel.
The tool steel also suffers  from unstable and long lead times from the heat treatment.

Water jet/Wire-cutting for outer profile. Wire-cutting for inner hole.


The screen was made by Hardox® 450 , 4,5,6mm thickness. The weight was 100-150 kg.

Previous screen was made in Stainless steel ,  6-10mm thickness. The weight was 150-200 kg



Конечный потребитель
Обработанное сырье
Алюминиевый лом
Износостойкая деталь
$name / $name
0 – 250 °C / 32 – 480 °F
Размеры обработанного материала
10 – 300 мм / 0,4 – 12,0 дюйма
Новое решение
Hardox® 550
15, 30,50, 60mm
Ключевые факторы успеха
Повышение сопротивления растрескиванию