Log washer paddle with longer service life

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Log washers are designed to remove tough, plastic clay contaminants and other deleterious materials from gravel, stone and various ore feeds. As the percentage of material to be removed increases, longer units should be used to increase the washing action. In very severe applications, two or more log washers may be required. Log Washer paddles help convey material and are a catalyst for material on material scrubbing.


Previously both plates were made by AR 450 and had to be replaced simultaneously. With the upper paddle made by Hardox® 600 and the inner paddle made by Hardox® 450, only the inner paddle needs to be replaced. Thereby is 50% of the paddles saved.

Конечный потребитель
Песчаные и другие карьерные разработки
Обработанное сырье
Износостойкая деталь
0 – 250 °C / 32 – 480 °F
Размеры обработанного материала
< 10 мм / < 0,4 дюйма
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Hardox 600
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